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Chef Stephen Phelps Puts the Ocean Front and Center

As the owner and chef of the acclaimed Indigenous in Sarasota, Florida, Stephen Phelps is all too aware of the challenges facing our oceans. An award-winning chef, sustainable seafood policy advocate, Chef’s Collaborative community leader, Seafood Watch Blue Ribbon Task Force member, Chefs Move to Schools volunteer, and recreational fisherman, chef Stephen Phelps truly does it… Continue reading Chef Stephen Phelps Puts the Ocean Front and Center

Jacqueline Claudia on Creating Change

Driven by a desire to change the world by getting more people to eat fish—and the right types of fish—Jacqueline Claudia started Love The Wild in 2014. With a focus on 100 percent sustainable farm-raised fish, Love The Wild pairs seafood with bold sauces and foolproof cooking instructions to make preparing it at home as… Continue reading Jacqueline Claudia on Creating Change

Seafood Mislabeling: Let’s Solve the Real Problem

The Wall Street Journal recently published an informative article that explores the ongoing problem of seafood mislabeling. But the data on mislabeling—up to 87% of snapper was found to be mislabeled—reveals a deeper problem that isn’t just about faulty processes, deception, or negligence. The root of the problem may actually have a lot more to… Continue reading Seafood Mislabeling: Let’s Solve the Real Problem

Barramundi Fun Facts

We’ve spent a lot of time working with barramundi, but they continue to surprise us. Here’s our running list of fun facts about this remarkable fish. How many of these do you know?   Fact 1 Barramundi’s native waters span from Northern Australia up to Southeast Asia and all the way west to the coastal waters of… Continue reading Barramundi Fun Facts

Protecting Atlantic Menhaden

Atlantic menhaden are the unglamorous, small and oily forage fish that few people have even heard of. Rich in marine fish oils, menhaden are a preferred source of food for striped bass, bluefish, tuna, osprey, whales, seabirds and a variety of marine mammals. There also quite useful for making fish oil supplements and as an… Continue reading Protecting Atlantic Menhaden

A Tale of Two Fish

A recent Marketplace story profiles the meteoric rise of the Vietnamese pangasius catfish industry and the tradeoffs involved with industrial aquaculture. While there are tremendous benefits to aquaculture, not all fish farms are created equally. The NPR piece points out: “Intensive systems like this can feed a lot of people, but there’s also the potential for things… Continue reading A Tale of Two Fish