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A seaweed solution
to climate change

Greener Grazing is Australis’ aquatic moonshot that explores the unexpected benefits of seaweed and barramundi farming.


It’s always been about more than fish.

Our founder, Josh Goldman, built the company to discover how we can better use the oceans to sustain ourselves and restore the planet. Our team is exploring the next frontier of integrated ocean farming to combat our biggest environmental challenge—climate change.

Greener Grazing is an ambitious, one-of-a-kind project by Australis to solve livestock methane emissions—a potent contributor to global warming—by introducing seaweed into ruminant animal (cows, sheep, goats) diets. Ground-breaking research has revealed that ruminant animals fed small amounts of Asparagopsis taxiformis, a type of red seaweed, produce virtually no methane during digestion. But A. taxiformis has never been reproduced or cultivated at scale.

Greener Grazing is leading the effort to close the lifecycle of A. taxiformis and to develop the methods needed to cultivate the species on a global scale. If successful, this initiative could dramatically reduce the climate impact of the world’s two billion cattle—the climate equivalent of taking every car on the planet off the road.

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