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Lazy Dog Restaurants

In search of a mild white fish that could work well in a variety of dishes, Lazy Dog brought Australis Barramundi to the menu. It’s now a “cult favorite” that’s ordered time and time again by repeat customers.

With 19 locations mostly in the California area, Lazy Dog is a family-friendly establishment featuring a welcoming atmosphere modeled after a classic ski lodge. After spending some time in South America, VP of Food & Beverage Gabriel Caliendo was inspired to bring more fish onto the Lazy Dog menu, particularly for the rollout of the Nutritious and Delicious menu section. He wanted a mild white fish that could be used as the canvas for a variety of flavors. Barramundi it the profile and it had a novel flair.

To help encourage new customers to try it out, Lazy Dog playfully called its first dish, “Barra-what?”


The Results

Not only has customer feedback been positive, Lazy Dog chefs can’t say enough about its easy preparation and forgiving nature, it does wonders in a high volume restaurant. Its fat content makes it hard it to overcook, making it a “bullet proof” option for Lazy Dog kitchen. many locations it’s one of those cult favorites. People who enjoy it get it almost every time they come in. That’s something we always look for in terms of viability of a fish and continuing to carry it.
Gabriel Caliendo, VP of Food & Beverage, Lazy Dog Restaurants
Serve australis barramundi

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Serve australis barramundi

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