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Are you having trouble with a recent purchase? Don’t worry, we’re here to help make it right.

I didn’t receive the right number of pieces in my bag.

Our bags are packed to reach a specific weight, so the number of fillets may vary. During the packaging process, staff individually weight each piece and double check the weight of the bag before sealing. Variation in size of our fish at harvest means there can be differences in the number of fillets in each bag.

The bag is “puffy”! Is it bad?

Some of our Lemon Herb Butter, Tuscan Herb Butter, and Garlic Teriyaki bags are a bit “puffy”! Based on customer feedback, we decided to fill our pouches with nitrogen to help preserve freshness. It’s a common practice in the snacks and chips aisle, but we’re taking the lead on this in seafood to give you a better eating experience.

Something looks/smells/tastes off with the fish…

Please let us know what the situation is by completing the Consumer Complaint form. It would help us out a lot if you have the Lot Code (printed on the clear panel on the back of the bag) and any product photos.

My local retailer keeps running out of your product. What do I do?

Our products often sell faster than store buyers anticipate, so sometimes the stores don’t order enough. There are two things that you can do to help keep The Better Fish Barramundi on the shelf:

#1 The first is to voice your concern at the store or on their social media. The next time you’re in the store, please ask for the seafood buyer and ask them to make sure that The Better Fish Barramundi remains in stock for you.

#2 The second is to reach out to us and let us know which location you’re having trouble with. We will reach out to our retail contact on your behalf to request adequately stocking is maintained.

My local grocer does not carry The Better Fish Barramundi. What can I do?

Tell them that you’d love for them to carry The Better Fish Barramundi! Your voice matters in bringing more sustainable, responsibly-farmed seafood to grocery stores.

I love your product! Where can I send a thank you note?

We always love hearing from our customers! Please use this Share Feedback form to send us your thoughts about our products.

I’d love to bring your products into my store or restaurant. Who should I speak to about that?

You can either fill out a Wholesale Inquiry form or give us a call at (413) 863-2040 x126 and  ask for Pete Hyrne.

What is your refund/return policy?

We are committed to customer satisfaction and offer replacements and refunds on a case-by-case basis.

To begin this process, fill out the Consumer Complaint form. To qualify for a refund or replacement, please have: Description of product, lot number (printed on the clear panel on the back of the bag), and ideally photos of the fish and its packaging.

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