Our Fish

Our Fish

The perfect
fish for a
changing world.

Say hello to The Better Fish® Barramundi — a delicious and sustainable white fish that keeps you and the planet going strong.

Mild, sweet and

Barramundi’s clean, buttery flavor and hearty texture appeals to just about everyone — even non-fish lovers.


Lean and satisfying, every bite is packed with protein and has just half the calories of salmon.

Highest omega-3’s of
any white fish

Barramundi is high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which support eye, brain, and cardiovascular health.

Pure and clean for
peace of mind

The Better Fish® is guaranteed to be contaminant-free. That means no detectable levels of mercury, PCBs, antibiotics, hormones, or colorants.

Sustainable by design

World’s first Fair Trade-certified Barramundi and Asia’s first Fair Trade-certified fish farm.

World’s first ASC-certified tropical marine finfish farm.

4-Star certified — the highest level attainable.

How and where we farm

Barramundi (Lates calcarifer) is the product of a new model of sustainable aquaculture. We’ve spent over a decade developing climate-smart ocean farming in the marine tropics to raise the best fish imaginable in the most responsible way possible.

Innovative land-based nurseries
nurture young fish

Our controlled-environment nursery systems filter and recirculate millions of gallons of seawater each day to ensure healthy growth.

Fish graduate to offshore
pens in pristine waters

Swimming freely at low densities, our Barramundi are fed a nutritionally balanced, sustainably-formulated diet. Our farmers use the latest technology to continuously monitor our fish.

Hand filleted and flash frozen
locks in freshness

Humanely harvested and flash frozen within hours of harvest. This rapid and fully controlled cold chain makes our fish “fresher than fresh!”

Shipped by sea, not flown

The Better Fish® are transported by sea, which emits 90% less carbon than by air while dramatically reducing food waste.

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