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Josh Goldman

Josh leads the Company’s award-winning efforts to bring healthy,
sustainable barramundi to the world.


Josh is a passionate advocate for marine conservation and the sustainable use of resources. He has spoken extensively.

Josh Goldman has been on a 30-year mission championing human and environmental health through climate-smart ocean farming – and it all started in his college dorm.

Beginning in a solar greenhouse attached to his dorm, Josh developed some of the core innovations used globally in closed-containment aquaculture. At age 20, his ground-breaking research garnered support from The Pew Charitable Trust, which funded his efforts with a $400,000 grant.

After graduating from Hampshire College, he co-founded Bioshelters, Inc., one of the first commercial aquaponic farms, which helped introduce tilapia to American consumers. But even as tilapia was succeeding, he became convinced that the right fish could play a significant role in improving human health while meeting the growing demand for protein and reducing the environmental impact of food production.

Seeking answers, Josh went on three year quest to find the world’s most sustainable fish to farm. After trialing more than 30 species, he selected barramundi—a move cheered by author Paul Greenberg, who noted that it was “chosen specifically for its small ecological footprint and its natural tendency to adapt to human culture.”

Prior to co-founding Australis, Josh consulted globally to assist his clients improve the environmental performance of their farms. He completed a graduate program in leadership, strategy and design and holds multiple patents on water-reuse technologies and low-carbon shipping methods. Josh was the recipient of the Institute of Food Technologies’ Boloffi award for innovation and was named a “Seafood Champion” for sustainability by the Seafood Choices Alliance.

Since co-founding in 2004, he has lead the charge in unlocking barramundi’s potential and growing Australis into the world’s largest vertically-integrated barramundi producer. His accomplishments along the way—from managing a $6 million international (US-Israeli) research project developing novel tools to improve the reproductive success of marine fish, to conducting nutritional studies to enhance the sustainability of barramundi—have helped shape Australis mission.

When he’s not steering the ship at Australis, he’s educating the public about marine conservation and the sustainable use of resources as a guest lecturer at universities, including Stanford, Harvard, Yale, as well as the National Marine Fisheries Service and the US Department of Agriculture. He’s been covered in over 200 media stories, and in 2011 was featured in a TIME cover story on the Future of Fish.

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