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A fish that's better for you and our planet

With a crowd pleasing flavor and meaty bite, Australis Barramundi helps you eat smarter and more sustainably.

It's time to expect more from your food.

There are many kinds of fish in the sea, but few as healthy and environmentally-friendly as Australis Barramundi.

  • Mind

    Highest Omega-3s
    of any White Fish

    Most white fish are low in omega-3 fatty acids that support brain and cardiovascular health. Our barramundi has plenty.

  • Body

    Lean and Satisfying,
    it's the Perfect Protein

    Every bite is packed with protein, with just half the calories of salmon.

  • Soul

    Doing Good,
    Tastes Great

    Farmed barramundi is 100% traceable and supports the recovery of wild fish.


Barramundi 101

Get to know the fish that Australians have prized for generations.

What is barramundi?

An ancient fish that's still making waves.

Barramundi a.k.a. Asian sea bass is native to Australia and the Indo-Pacific. Barramundi is Aboriginal for “large-scaled silver fish” and is internationally renowned for its deliciousness and versatility. We are unlocking its potential for sustainable ocean farming.

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What makes it sustainable?

Crush meal prep without crushing the environment.

Barramundi are flexitarians that eat low on the food chain and are efficient to raise. Our responsible ocean farming methods has a low carbon footprint and minimal environmental impact.

Our Approach
What does it taste like?

Mild, sweet, and succulent.

Barramundi’s clean, buttery flavor and meaty texture appeals to just about everyone—even non-fish lovers call it a favorite! With a similar taste to grouper and halibut, it's a sustainable substitute for some of the most popular overfished white fish.

Get Cooking

Cook it, eat it, love it — the possibilities are endless.

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Nervous about cooking fish?

Never fear, we're here to help!
Learn the basic techniques to build your comfort level.

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We work on the cutting edge of sustainable food production.

Aquaculture is critical to our food future, but we must practice it responsibly. We’re developing better, more sophisticated feeds to reduce usage of fish meal and oil. We’re integrating seaweed production to reuse nutrients and enhance habitat for native fish. By pioneering climate smart ocean farming, we’re helping to address humanity’s biggest food and environmental challenges.

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Find it in the freezer aisle or at the fish counter of your local grocery store.

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