Turners Falls, Massachusetts

On the banks of the Connecticut River sits the charming old mill town that is home to Australis. The town has a long industrial history and is blossoming into a hub for artistic inspiration, recreational adventure and natural beauty.

Close-containment Farming

Australis pioneered the use of close-containment (land-based) farming which is considered ‘the gold standard’ for sustainable aquaculture.  Our revolutionary Turners Falls, MA farm is one of the largest water re-use facilities in the world.  We recycle and purify 99% of our precious water and donate our fish waste as fertilizer to local farmers.

Fish in the Turners Falls plant move through a series of progressively larger tanks which give them more space to swim as they grow. Each time they are moved they can be graded and counted using infrared fish counters to ensure they are never overcrowded.   A staff of 50 carefully monitor the fish on a daily basis, checking the water chemistry to ensure environmental conditions are optimal.  Our patented biological filters dramatically reduce the need for freshwater.  Australis' Massachusetts farm produces up to two million pounds of fish per year and discharges less than 15 lbs of solids per day - about the same as three average US households!

Take a virtual tour of our Massachusetts farm with PBS's Food Forward!