“Grill Fish that Doesn’t Stick” — Men’s Journal

Chef Nicole Gaffney shows Men’s Journal how to perfect grill-charred filet

Grilled fish is one of the joys of summer, yet pulling off a perfectly cooked grill-charred filet that doesn’t stick and crumble on the grates can be elusive. But it’s easy, says chef Nicole Gaffney, as long as you properly prepare both the grates and the fish, you’ll be serving gorgeous, grill-charred filet that slides onto your spatula.

“Start with a grill that’s clean, hot, and oiled,” says Gaffney. Likewise, make absolute certain the fish is dry and coated in oil.

In Gaffney’s grilling demonstration, she used Australis Barramundi, a white fish that’s low on toxins, sustainably harvested, and flavorful enough to be enjoyed with minimal fuss. Firm fish like swordfish, tuna, and salmon are also great matches for the grill. Here are her foolproof instructions for grilling fish…

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Earlier this summer, we showed Men’s Journal just how easy grilling fish can be. The Institute of Culinary Education was gracious enough to lend us one of their kitchens for the demo!

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