Green Day Update: Collected 15.4 Tons of Plastic Waste

It’s been one year since the inaugural Green Day cleanup event and we have a lot to report.

If you are not familiar with our Green Day Initiative, here’s the original blog post that explains what we’re doing about ocean plastic and Vietnam’s national littering problem.

Since August 2018, 1170 Australis employees and community members have collected 15.4 tons of trash from 8.7 km of shoreline. We also installed new trash bins around our work areas and local villages to help reduce the amount of litter moving forward.

The most rewarding thing about Green Day has been to inspire local citizens, school kids, and even military personnel to join in the effort. It has always been our goal to educate the community about environmental stewardship through hands-on participation of this initiative.

Here’s a short video that highlights some of the scenes from past Green Day events:

If this inspires you, please help us spread the word about Green Day. We would love to rally more people and organizations in the Nha Trang and Van Phong Bay areas of Vietnam to join in!

Infographic of Australis Aquaculture Green Day Initiative