Confessions of a Former Fish Hater

To celebrate National Seafood Month, we have decided to share some stories from some friends of ours who were former seafood haters (or avoiders) about how they were able to incorporate more healthful fish into their diet.

First up: our very own Erik Brandl and his story as told to Tavaner Sullivan.

I’ve always liked seafoodlobster, crab and suchbut fish was never something I ate. I don’t like a fishy tasting fish and the smell would always throw me off. Sometimes people would microwave it at work and it just smelled awful. Also, I was never served fish when I was growing up. We had a gardenI come from a family of eight childrenso we were more of a meat and potatoes family.

When I started working at Australis we would do taste tests of the fish and were offered fresh fillets during the week. One week I took home my three pounds and my wife cooked it up with some onions and served it over mashed potatoes. It was phenomenal! I was incredibly surprised at the texture and buttery, clean flavor. My appreciation for barramundi has gotten me to try other fish as wellbut I’m always comparing it back to barramundi because it’s not fishy. As I like to say, “It’s the steak of the sea.” Now, I eat it really simply prepared with some dill and lemon slices in foil on the grill. We’ve tried everything from baking it with breadcrumbs to sautéing itit will take to any flavor.

Erik’s barramundi tips:

  • Take a chance on it. It’s not smelly or fishy at all. And it doesn’t make your house smell.
  • Start simple so that you’re aware of what you’re eating. Try sauteeing it with some garlic and drizzle a little butter over it at the end. Enjoy the taste of the fish and let the butter enhance it.

Try this recipe: Panko Crusted Barramundi