The Better Fish Becoming ASC Certified and What It Means

In March, our Barramundi farm became the first in the world to achieve the ASC Tropical Marine Finfish Certification.

Sustainability has always been a foundational commitment for us and this certification aligns our long history of developing low impact farming methods with the word’s most rigorous, sciencebased standard for sustainable aquaculture.   

What does being ASC certified mean?

While demand for fish as a healthy, lean protein continues to grow, purchasing sustainable seafood is not always easy. The Better Fish® exists because we want to change that.

ASC is one of the most respected and widely-recognized third-party certifications available for aquaculture products. Becoming certified aligns with our mission of creating a better fish for a better world. However, achieving it was no easy feat. We spent over two years establishing the systems and aligning our monitoring becoming the first-ever farm to earn ASC Certification under the Tropical Marine Finfish Standard. ASC stands by our mission of creating a better fish for a better world.  

Being ASC certified means that consumers in the US, Australia and other markets can enjoy our Barramundi knowing that it has been produced in a way that minimizes the environmental impacts of farming while contributing to social development of the communities in which they operate.  

The ASC Tropical Marine Finfish (TMFF) Standard, which is one of the most wide-reaching ASC standards, covering nine separate genra of fish, includes dozens of requirements covering both environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Among other things, farms must monitor and limit impacts on water quality, minimize disease outbreaks, may not be established in mangrove ecosystems, must pay and treat workers fairly, be good neighbors and engage positively with local communities.  The certification is done through an independent third-party audit and results are uploaded to the public ASC website

A milestone for both ASC and Australis

This is really great news for conscientious American consumers, as it helps to meet a growing demand in the country for responsibly produced seafood,” says Kathleen McDavitt, ASC US Market Development Manager. The awareness of Barramundi is the fastest growing white fish among consumers over the past few years, and we are pretty positive if you haven’t tried it yet, it will soon become your #NewFaveFish! This can in fact be backed up, retail sales of Barramundi grew 70% in 2020.  

“Australis chose ASC because it is widely recognized for its comprehensive, science-based approach. ASC’s new Tropical Marine Finfish Standard brings a thoughtful and well-structured approach to measuring social and environmental accountability of aquaculture,” said Josh Goldman. “ASC’s market links will enhance trust in our brand and deepen our connections with our customers.” 

What other certifications does The Better Fish® Barramundi have?

We continue to pursue certifications and eco ratings that will continue to make it easier for you to buy sustainable, delicious seafood. Our current certifications and eco-ratings include:

  • Fair Trade Certified
  • BAP 4-Star Certified
  • Ocean Wise Approved
  • Whole Foods Market Standard
  • Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)
  • Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI)

Want to learn more about the farm? Check out this video for a peek inside.