Confessions of a Former Fish Hater: Getting Husbands to Eat Fish

How I Got My Husband to Eat Fish

We’re half way through National Seafood Month, but there’s still many more stories to tell! Here’s another one from a former seafood hater, which seems like the mirror opposite of Erik’s story.

Next: Joanna Wolff from January and her story as told to Tavaner Sullivan.  

So, I love seafoodparticularly salmonbut my husband has never liked fish. He doesn’t like the texture or the taste. I was always trying to push salmon on him because I love it so much to no avail. When we started working with Australis, I knew I had to try the barramundi. I got the bag of frozen fillets from Whole Foods and made a basic fish taco recipe with a sauce that I found on the website.

I think my husband felt like he had to try it because I’d spent the time and effort making it. Not only did he eat it but he thought it was really good! He finds the barramundi meaty, in a good way. With other fish he’s never felt that it was a substantial and satisfying meal, but not with barramundi. We make the fish taco recipe regularly but he still won’t touch any other types of fish. The barramundi is so versatile in what you can do with the flavor and perfect for people who can’t get past the fish taste of other types of fish.

Joanna’s Barramundi tips:

  • Serving the fish with a sauce is a good way to make it less scary. For example, with fish tacos, the fish is just one component of the dishversus a fillet with a side of vegetables. It’s also interactive, which can make it a little more accessible.
  • Buying the barramundi pre-cut and frozen makes it much more approachable than something you’d buy at the fish counter.

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