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  • Frozen IVP/IQF

    Scored Portions, Skin-On

    SIZES: 6, 8 oz

  • Frozen IVP/IQF

    Natural Fillets, Skin-On

    SIZES: 7/9, 16/24 oz

  • Frozen IVP/IQF

    Portions, Skinless

    SIZES: 4, 6 oz

  • Frozen IVP/IQF

    Natural Fillets, Skinless

    SIZES: 7/9, 9/12 oz


    What's fresher than fresh? Flash frozen.

  • Frozen IQF

    Taco Strips, Skinless

    SIZES: 1-1.5 oz pieces, 15lb packs


Real World Success Stories

We’re committed to providing smart solutions that help solve today's biggest
seafood challenges. See how our many restaurant partners benefit with barramundi.


In 2010, Northstar brought Australis Barramundi into their restaurant thanks to its health benefits and dependable supply. Today, it remains Northstar’s exclusive fish offering and is a top performer.


With four locations across Ohio, Northstar is known for serving local, high-quality cuisine to a legion of loyal fans they treat like family. From the supplies they purchase to the build-out of the restaurants, to the organic cotton tees the staff wear, Northstar is committed to its mission of making business decisions that respect both the environment and the community. They opened shop in 2004 but didn’t bring fish onto the menu until 2010 when Managing Partner Darren Malhame discovered Australis Barramundi.


Multi-Unit Edge

Northstar's versatile menu and affluent customer base have helped it remain a competitive independent restaurant in a sea of larger national chain restaurants. Customers are willing to pay a little more for better food that aligns with the farm-to-counter mission, and the grilled fish sandwich featuring Australis Barramundi been immensely popular. Simply dressed with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and fresh herb aioli, it remains a top seller and is the only fish dish on the menu.


The Feedback

"Australis Barramundi is our exclusive fish offering at Northstar because it best meets our requirements for healthfulness, responsible production, consistency, dependable stock, and most importantly, deliciousness. Australis shares our passion for operational excellence and sincere commitment to making responsible environmental decisions. Australis is an important player in the future of great fish. I enthusiastically recommend them." - Darren Malhame, Managing Partner, Northstar


  • “Australis Barramundi is our exclusive fish offering at Northstar Cafe."

    – Darren Malhame, Managing Partner, Northstar Café

Lazy Dog Restaurants

In search of a mild white fish that could work well in a variety of dishes, Lazy Dog brought Australis Barramundi to the menu. It’s now a “cult favorite” that’s ordered time and time again by repeat customers. 


With 19 locations mostly in the California area, Lazy Dog is a family-friendly establishment featuring a welcoming atmosphere modeled after a classic ski lodge. After spending some time in South America, VP of Food & Beverage Gabriel Caliendo was inspired to bring more fish onto the Lazy Dog menu, particularly for the rollout of the Nutritious and Delicious menu section. He wanted a mild white fish that could be used as the canvas for a variety of flavors. Barramundi it the profile and it had a novel flair. To help encourage new customers to try it out, Lazy Dog playfully called its first dish, “Barra-what?”


The Results

Not only has customer feedback been positive, Lazy Dog chefs can’t say enough about its easy preparation and forgiving nature, it does wonders in a high volume restaurant. Its fat content makes it hard it to overcook, making it a “bullet proof” option for Lazy Dog kitchen.


The Feedback

“ many locations it’s one of those cult favorites. People who enjoy it get it almost every time they come in. That’s something we always look for in terms of viability of a fish and continuing to carry it." - Gabriel Caliendo, VP of Food & Beverage, Lazy Dog Restaurants



  • “ many locations it’s one of those cult favorites. People who enjoy it get it almost every time they come in. ”

    – Gabriel Caliendo, VP of Food & Beverage, Lazy Dog Restaurants

Abuelo’s: The Flavor of Mexico

Concerned about the future of wild-caught fish, Abuelo’s brought Australis Barramundi to the menu as a reliable, sustainable alternative. Before long, the restaurant was selling 3x more barramundi than salmon dishes thanks to its price and mild flavor.


Amarillo, TX-based Abuelo’s operates 38 restaurants in over 13 states, serving classic and contemporary Mexican favorites in a setting emulating an open-air Mexican courtyard. Abuelos had served mahi mahi on their menu for years, but Larry Pierson, Head of Purchasing, knew it wasn’t a sustainable option. “Mahi mahi is strictly a wild-caught fish. Catch was very low, and I was very concerned about availability.” After attending the Boston Seafood Show seeking potential replacements, he tasted barramundi, and the rest was history!


The Results

When Australis barramundi made it to the menu at Abuelo’s it was perfect timing, as the fish was getting publicity in the news for its health and environmental benefits. Larry Pierson says the product was overwhelmingly accepted by customers. Having tracked its progress over the years, the restaurant sells 3x more barramundi than salmon dishes.



  • “Our chief operating officer, our president, our CEO – the four of us all agreed that this was a great product.”

    – Larry Pierson, Head of Purchasing, Abuelo’s: The Flavor of Mexico

Coco's Bakery

Coco’s introduced Australis Barramundi to its menu as a light and low-fat protein option. It quickly sold double its projections and wowed cooks thanks to its easy, quick preparation.


Coco’s Bakery (Catalina Restaurant Group) operates 110 fast casual restaurants in the Western United States, including locations in California, Nevada, and Arizona. As part of a healthier options initiative, the restaurant had looked to expand its seafood offering beyond the usual cod and salmon at a comparable cost. Barramundi caught the company’s eye after being heralded as a “superfood” by Dr. Oz.


The Results

Australis Barramundi was initially brought on as a seasonal item, and it performed twice as well as other seasonal promotions. It’s now being served on the core menu in approximately 100 Coco’s Bakery restaurants. The versatility of the fish allowed Coco’s to use it in multiple ways. The Baja Barramundi dish with a cajun flair is served with corn tortillas and taco fixings for a tasty DIY taco dish. Another dish features lemon pepper barramundi with grilled asparagus and quinoa salad as a Fit and Lively menu option under 600 calories—delivering on the restaurant's goal to provide healthier options.



  • “It was really a win-win! [It’s] a great product that’s easy to cook. Plus, we’re able to put a plate cost together that is less than the salmon we serve.” 

    – Nick Saba, Vice President, Coco’s Bakery


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