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  • Frozen IVP/IQF

    Natural Fillets, Skin-On

    SIZES: 7/9, 12/16, 16/24 oz

  • Frozen IVP/IQF

    Natural Fillets, Skinless

    SIZES: 3/5, 5/7, 7/9, 9/12 oz

  • Frozen IVP/IQF

    Ready to Cook Portions, Skin-On

    SIZES: 6 oz

  • Frozen IVP/IQF

    Portions, Skinless

    SIZES: 6 oz


    What's fresher than fresh? Flash frozen.

  • Frozen IQF

    Taco Strips, Skinless

    SIZES: 1-1.5 oz pieces, 15lb packs

Bill Shea

VP of Sales