“Hope for the Future” — New York Times

New York Times Calls Australis Barramundi  “Hope for the Future” of Fish “We choose barramundi as a kind of hope for the future. An American company with operations in Vietnam, called Australis, is growing this white-fleshed fish in a way that minimizes escapes, reduces environmental impacts and makes for a better, safer product.” — Paul… Continue reading “Hope for the Future” — New York Times

“Barramundi: The Next Big Fin?” — Bloomberg

“With Chilean sea bass nearly fished out; chefs across the country looking for the next hot catch, the answer may have arrived from Australia. Barramundi, another kind of sea bass with white flakey meat, recently graced White House tables at a dinner for Australian Prime Minister John Howard. This summer the fish also turned up… Continue reading “Barramundi: The Next Big Fin?” — Bloomberg