What Do I Need to Know About Mercury in Fish?

You’ve likely seen articles that link high fish consumption with mercury poisoning, but the reality of the connection between the two is much more nuanced. What kinds of fish contain mercury? How much fish can I eat without risk? What is really the cause for concern? Here’s the lowdown on what you need to know… Continue reading What Do I Need to Know About Mercury in Fish?

Chef Saon Brice on Barramundi

Saon Brice is the Executive Chef at BLK Swan in Baltimore City, Maryland. Chef Brice has over 17 years of experience in all facets of cooking and management; focused experience in fine dining food preparation for large-scaled catered events and private parties, restaurants, and hotels. We were very excited to collaborate with Chef Brice on… Continue reading Chef Saon Brice on Barramundi

5 Flavorful Spice Blends to Jazz Up Fish

If you think that a mild flavored fish means that it’s a boring dinner choice, think again. A mild white fish (like barramundi!) is the perfect blank canvas for a variety of spices that can add exciting flavor to a weeknight meal with little effort. However, before we dive into our tried-and-true spice blends, let’s… Continue reading 5 Flavorful Spice Blends to Jazz Up Fish

Your Brain on Omega-3s

The positive benefits of omega-3 fatty acids on our cardiovascular systems are well-known. It turns out that this essential nutrient is vital for brain health, too. Consisting of 60 percent fat, the brain needs omega-3s to properly develop and function. Researchers have discovered that omega-3 fatty acids are some of the most critical, most influential… Continue reading Your Brain on Omega-3s